Elizabeth Darlington
Art With Heart


  • Love the work and the personal explanations. Thank you.  S Pugh, Wolverhampton UK
  • Beautiful.   P Kesek, Telford UK
  • Very interesting.   D Dargue, Shropshire UK
  • Beautiful!!!   C Roberts, Shropshire UK
  • Honestly breathtaking.   E Rhodes-Leader, Flintshire UK
  • Fantastic expression of emotions.   D Morgan-Phillips, Shropshire UK
  • I love the back story of Passage Through the Veil. Death - transformation - not being afraid.   L Price, Shropshire UK
  • I like these because it reminds me of when I'm reading a book and what I see in my mind, that I never thought I'd see in person. E Hadley, Shropshire UK
  • Very difficult to choose a favourite.   S Rhodes-Leader, Flintshire UK
  • Really enjoyed your exhibition. Well done. Hard to find a favourite. Loved all pieces.    D Dixon, Staffs UK
  • Stunning - all of them!   J Hague, Shropshire UK
  • I love how you portray rays of light cutting through dark patches in several of your pictures. Keep it up.   G Morgan-Phillips, Shropshire UK
  • Fantastic art, beautiful colouring.   N Young, Shropshire UK
  • Lovely high standard of work. Brilliant stories behind each picture. Keep going, Well done.    J Bungay, Shropshire UK
  • Wonderful!   C Hughes, Shropshire UK
  • Great work. Very inspirational.    L Lutton, Wolverhampton UK
  • Many thanks for the chat with the artist - very interesting.   S Wright, Shropshire UK
  • Wonderfully uplifting ethereal work. Really enjoyed seeing your work.   M Jarvie, Telford UK
  • Very beautiful, and the talk behind the pictures.    S Singleton. Herefordshire UK
  • It was very interesting to chat to you about how these pictures have originated in your mind and the length of time the exhibition has taken to finish after your health experience.    B Clarke, Derbyshire UK
  • Absolutely incredible. I especially love the forest paintings, so much emotion and I love them, especially the way they capture moments!  MR, Shropshire UK
  • Wonderful paintings.   L Kinchin, Rugely UK
  • Absolutely stunning work - what an outstanding talent. What a wonderful human being too!   S Hallam, Wrexham UK
  • Beautiful paintings. Thank you for sharing your personal feelings and inspirations for your work.   M Manning, Telford UK
  • Lovely work. Really liked the subjects, colour and texture.   J Shaw, Cheshire UK
  • Absolutely beautiful creations!    D Free, Shropshire UK